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Coastal Tonic
Artist Residency with Metal Culture UK


Metal Culture (Southend) Artist in Residence (2023)


A project exploring the historical relationship between healthcare and coastal waters. The work investigates local archival material and engages with community groups, alongside considering the legacy of human impacts upon the environment and future of the river Thames estuary. The socially engaged project connects with creatives, environmental groups and academics, alongside delivering arts engagement activities considering the senses and the coast.


The project speculatively enquires regarding the rejuvenating properties of the local seaside through DIY shed-lab analytics of coastal air, water samples and found materials, including Victorian era methodologies to explore ozone, ionised baths and other remedies sold to relieve chronic health conditions.

The 'Ozonometric Rejuvenation' experiments included development of new methodology for creating artwork that responds to the environment using historical lab techniques. Ozonometric pieces change with exposure to the seaside air and qualitatively detect the concentration of ozone. Adapted from 1850's laboratory methodologies created by Schonbein, the discoverer of ozone, these techniques can be embedded into pieces placed at the interface with the environment.

The residency included an outreach arts engagement workshop with the NetPark Wellbeing Project, an in-demand service for people living with mental health concerns, social isolation, dementia and trauma. In this project the participants explored senses, memory and emotion related to the coastal waters. 

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