Medical Arts

I am a visual artist, GP Specialty Registrar and NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow at the University of Bristol with interests particularly within medical education and clinical humanities research. My integrated work as both a visual artist and doctor utilises an interdisciplinary approach to critically explore the interface between art and medicine through developing novel collaborations. Being dual qualified in both medicine and dentistry, my arts practice responds to diverse healthcare experiences. My work draws together patients, clinicians, artists and researchers to collaborate and embed deeper learning strategies within clinical education, explore healthcare narratives, and deliver participatory arts experiences, performances and installations considering medical ethics, emerging technologies and the body in health and disease. 

Current Projects


An interdisciplinary arts initiative in collaboration with the South West Cleft Service, the Science Gallery London and CLAPA (cleft lip and palate association). The project uses the arts to brings together health professionals, artists, service users and the general public to explore the narratives of young people with cleft lip and/or palate (CL/P).


Wax Sculpture Workshops


Wax sculpture workshops with Eleanor Crook for people affected by cleft.


In collaboration with Clinical Psychology at the South West Cleft Service. 

Project Overview


Background, collaborations and events in the arts project timeline, including an overview of the public engagement and service user participation.

Science Gallery London 'MOUTHY' Season

Public engagement project commissioned for the Science Gallery London exploring cleft palate through interactive arts experiences.

Dissection Room Art


Workshops for university students using cadaverous material to explore anatomy through drawing and painting 



Arts events involving young people connected to the charity CLAPA (Cleft Lip and Palate Association) 


Medical arts background portfolio

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Reconstruct, Regenerate


Public wax sculpture 

workshop in collaboration with artist Eleanor Crook and surgeon Mr Nduka exploring reconstructive surgery

Plastic Viscera Interdisciplinary Art/Science Symposium


An event drawing together scientists, clinicians and artists to explore reconstructive and regenerative medicine

Artist residency at the Blond McIndoe Research Foundation


Exploration of wound healing research, plastic surgery and stories of the courageous Guinea Pig Club 

Dissection Room Art


Workshops for university students using cadaverous material to explore anatomy through drawing and painting 

A Closer Look


Dissection room photographic project exploring the inner body landscape. With permission from the HTA

Laboratory Life

'Tattoo Traits'


An interactive art-science laboratory, exhibition and talks programme at Lighthouse, Brighton

Anatomy for Artists 


A full day course for artists teaching anatomy through expert talks, life drawing and medical illustration to inform figurative art

The Sum of Our Parts


Performance and interactive installation at the White Night Festival exploring anatomical art and public perception of medicine



Short film exploring a post-operative journey and recovery from orthognathic surgery

Medical School Prospectus


Design and illustration of the Brighton and Sussex Medical School Prospectus cover utilising anatomical imagery

Flight of Ideas


Performance and public engagement workshop related to mental health as part of the White Night Festival

London 2012 Cultural Olympiad


Public workshops teaching anatomy through drawing and sculpture

Psychology for Medicine


Textbook illustrated with cartoons responding to psychological subject matter



Bioart project utilising imagery from western blotting techniques to explore changes in genetics on fertility

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Patient Section 16


Bioart project exploring bacterial connections and communication links between different individuals flora

The Eyes of the Beholder


Exploration of identify and the self portrait using medical imaging 

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