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Prosthetic Futures
Co-designing reconstructive prosthetics to adapt for future environments 


Simon Hall: Project lead.

Ali Cobb: Consultant facial surgeon

(South West Cleft Service).

Amy Davey: Reconstructive scientist & lead for the North Bristol Reconstructive Prosthetics Department.

Julia Cadogan: Consultant clinical psychologist.

Catherine Lamont-Robinson: Artist, academic, and medical educator.

A Brigstow Institute (University of Bristol) Seedcorn Research Funded project.


Reconstructive facial prosthetics blend creative arts and science by crafting handmade body parts for patients. In Bristol, technologies including 3D printing, digital design and augmented/virtual reality for clinical problem solving are transforming the landscape, whilst utilising traditional craft skills.

Prosthetic Futures is an interdisciplinary creative arts project reflecting upon collaborative co-design in Art Laboratories. A diverse team of service users and professionals will craft novel creations exploring the embodiment and senses of future prostheses. They will speculate on how reconstructive prosthetics will adapt to future environments including through emerging material science, BioDesign and immersive technologies. 

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