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Sculptural Snogging
Interactive workshop on the art & science of kissing

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As part of the Surgery & Emotion research project at the University of Roehampton in an event at the Royal College of Nursing, engagement sessions explored the rich feelings associated with healthcare, from compassion and romance, anxiety to fear. 

The public were invited by Simon to delve into the art and science of our mouths, kissing and sexual health by modelling and modifying anatomical waxworks of their ideal luscious lips and tantalising tongues. 

sculptura snogging.jpeg

Utilising sculpting tools, jewellery and piercings, modifying the mouths with printing materials, make-up and inks, the public were able to talk about the science of kissing. The session debunked myths about transmission of STI's and educated about sexual health, discussed the history of medicine, and promoted body positivity. 

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