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Bill Foxley, belated patron of Blond McIndoe

Plastic Viscera:

Reconstruct & Regenerate


An Interdisciplinary Art & Science




Intersecting art and science, Plastic Viscera explored emerging research into reconstructive and regenerative medicine. The event featured accounts of the 'guinea pig club' alongside the continued advances occurring by researchers and surgeons. The event drew together leading scientists, clinicians and artists to inform our conceptions of the human body.


The symposium was fully open to the public and aimed to draw new audiences to the subject, encourage the development of dialogue across the arts and sciences and facilitate networking opportunities between like-minded professionals. 


21 July 2012

Chowen Lecture Theatre

Brighton and Sussex Medical School





List of symposium speakers:

Mr Baljit Dheansa - Clinical Director for Burns & Trauma, QVH


Ms Jacquie Pinney - CEO Blond McIndoe Research Foundation


Dr Yella Martin - Scientist at Blond McIndoe Research Foundation


Prof. Matteo Santin - Professor of Tissue Regeneration UoB


Dr Andrew Bamji - Gillies Archivist, BAPRAS


Eleanor Crook - International anatomical artist


Anna Dumitriu - International bioartist


Simon Hall - Artist in Residence at the Blond McIndoe 

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