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The Skin Within
Dissection Room Photography 

In collaboration with the Brighton and Sussex Medical School anatomy department, during 2009 I undertook a photographical exploration of the internal body landscape.


The abstract macro images reveal the interplay of light and colour through different body tissues and highlight the complexity and fragility of our bodies. 

Permission for the display of images from the project was granted by the HTA (Human Tissue Authority). 


Photography, 2009


Light seeping through the muscular diaphragm separating the thorax and abdomen.


Photography, 2009


Peering down into the left ventricle of the heart with light streaming through the cardiac muscle.


Photography, 2009


Rippling strands of muscle on the internal side of the right heart ventricle.


Photography, 2009


Light passing through the muscular wall surrounding the aortic valve showing the delicate leaflets.


Photography, 2009


A hole in the intercostal muscles between the ribs allows light to stream through.

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